FileFarm Beta 0.4 Released

No views, but I'm still gonna store my downloads here.

-=-= FileFarm Version 0.4 [Beta]: =-=-
    + new options in the dev menu (type "dev" to access)
    + chance of mutation with invalid breeding patterns! (20% chance)
    + new rename tool
    + new hide tool (unix, linux, macOS only)
    + 31 new vanilla breeding patterns
    + 19 new redeemable file extensions
    + better explained tutorial
    + punishment for loosing all humanity
    = growing now adds multiple random characters, not just one
    = rewording
    = new file name restrictions at new game to prevent crashes
          can’t name file ., /, blank, etc.


FileFarm Beta 0.4 (zip) 31 kB
Jul 13, 2017

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